Red Hand of Doom 4E

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The Story Thus Far our heroes got into this jam.

After uncovering a desecrated temple underneath the mines of Norrington, our heroes took some time to go soul searching. The elven cleric Aelar, devotee of the Raven Queen, found his goddess quiet in the wake of the incident. He could not help but feel that the strange runic tattoos he inherited from Kalarel’s vile grimoire were responsible, so he resolved to set off on a pilgrimage to the fabled Ruby Temple of Dennovar.

Sir Zanne, confused about the conflict between his eldritch heritage and his divine calling, decided that east was also the most suitable direction for him. His missing mother hailed from the Elsir Vale, and perhaps his people would be best suited to help him reconcile his two callings.

Gamal’s past lives showed him memories best left forgotten, horrible and unspeakable images that left him unsure of his future in this life. The deva turned to the Raven Queen in her aspect as the Ender of Fate, hoping for an answer.

Along with two comrades, they traveled together east into the Elsir Vale, where they were quickly set upon by hobgoblin raiders. In the small town of Drellin’s Ferry, our heroes learned that such raids were becoming increasingly frequent and seemed to be staged from an abandoned keep in the Witchwood. Offered a tidy sum to clear out these pests, our heroes accepted the job. Acquiring the help of the grizzled forest warden Jorr, they made their way to the keep.

The battle within the keep was more than the heroes had bargained for. Expecting monstrous rabble, they instead found themselves facing an orderly fighting force, led by the proclaimed ‘Wyrmlord’ Koth. In the end, the heroes prevailed, as heroes tend to do.

A suspicious map found among Koth’s possessions ignited the heroes’ curiosity. The goblin scrawlings on it were illegible to them, but Jorr had had many dealings with the pests, and knew it for what it was; battle plans. According to the map, a major force was set to head down the Northern Road from Cinder Hill.


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